If you’re a NDIS participant, we can help you access the right support to achieve your employment goals.

At Empowering Brighter Futures, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to secure a job. A job is about more than just an income. It is a chance to create a circle of friends, have a sense of belonging, with something to look forward to each day.

NDIS participants can access various levels of support to help create a future pathway to work and progress in sustainable employment.

The Empowering Brighter Futures team is committed to helping you build the skills you need ready for employment and then help identify the best job for you based on your unique skills, interests, and aspirations.

We love NDIS
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Accessing the right support

If you already have employment goals in your NDIS plan, contact the Empowering Brighter Futures team today to get started.

If you are thinking about work but don’t yet have employment supports allocated, we can guide you on how to add it to your NDIS plan.

Empowering Brighter Futures deliver two main types of support for NDIS participants:

School leavers

For NDIS participants aged 15 to 22 who want help to successfully move from the classroom to the world of work.

Finding and Keeping a Job

For any working age participant (including students reaching working age) who need support to achieve their employment goals.

Start working on your future today!

If you or someone you know, is an NDIS participant and is interested in their future employment prospects, click Register Now and fill in the details to apply.

We’ll be in touch to check the eligibility requirements and guide you through getting started on the program.

You can also request to join the program with Empowering Brighter Futures when your NDIS plan is being reviewed or request a quote from us for employment support funding before your next planning meeting.

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